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Russ Howe PTI

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FREE workout plans with Russ Howe PTI.

For the last decade, Russ Howe PTI has become one of the UK's premier personal trainers, taking clinically proven workout principles and then specializing in teaching how to apply those methods in the real world. As featured in Women's Health, Men's Fitness & Personal Trainer magazine, there are thousands of men and women worldwide in the Russ Howe PTI 'R'my following full workout plans and tough daily training sessions - all here, all free.

1) Full Workout Plans.

Russ' popular range of full training plans is yours and it grows every month. Train like the models, actors and athletes Russ trains in the gym.

2) One-off Workouts.

Should you fancy a one-off challenge in the gym, such as a nightmarish leg workout, Russ has you covered. In fact, you'll have access to his full library of top sessions.

3) Tons of Tips.

Access all of Russ' nutrition & supplement facts backed with science - so you KNOW it works - all explained in his trademark "No BS" style.