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Russ Howe PTI


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Russ Howe PTI - 'The Fat Loss Guy'

Time to burn serious body fat and get in great shape? Get your workouts FREE with Russ "The Fat Loss Guy". Russ is a leading personal trainer based in Powerhouse Gym, South Shields, and is featured in Men's Fitness, Women's Health, Personal Trainer Magazine and a proud ambassador for Optimum Nutrition. Whether you need a full training program, or a standalone workout (i..e. a brutal leg day) you will find what you need inside the site. And best of all, it's totally FREE to use! Join over 85,000 members of The Rmy and start erasing body fat today.

1) Free Workout Plans

Used by 1000's of men and women around the world, my most popular workout programs are yours (with new additions every month)! From "Beach Bum" to "Pump Junkie", they are all here. >> FREE!

2) Legendary Boss Workouts

Fancy a death-defying leg workout? Or a biceps and triceps war? I have you covered. In fact, you'll have access to my complete workout library of over 300 sessions! >> FREE!

3) Book Personal Training Sessions

Need to work with a personal trainer in South Shields? Come work with me at Powerhouse Gym! You can book PT sessions via my on-site shop. You can also find t-shirts and my premium online-only training plans.