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Russ Howe PTI

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Fat loss. Fast.

Russ is currently working with Optimum Nutrition, and has featured in FitFluential, Women's Health, Men's Fitness & Personal Trainer magazine. There are thousands of men and women in the RMY around the world blasting the full workout plans and tough daily training sessions inside the website. Get stuck in!!

1) Free Workout Plans

Russ' full selection of popular training plans is yours, and it grows every month. From "Beach Bum" to "Make Her Sweat", they are all here..

2) Boss Workouts

Fancy a nightmarish leg workout? Or an arm war? Russ has you covered. In fact, you'll have access to his complete workout library and now legendary "Boss Workouts"..

3) Tons of Tips

Know how to fit a treat food into your diet without setting your results back? Why you should train arms after leg day for more growth? All these tips and more are waiting for you on the blog..